2017-11-22 20:29:04 2017-12-12 18:42:59

Maya-L02,VKY-L09,VTR-L29,Vicky-AL00A,Victoria-AL00A,Warsaw-AL00 smart phones with software of earlier than Maya-L02C636B126 versions,earlier than VKY-L29C10B151 versions,earlier than VTR-L29C10B151 versions,earlier than Vicky-AL00AC00B162 versions,earlier than Victoria-AL00AC00B167 versions,earlier than Warsaw-AL00C00B200 versions have a Factory Reset Protection (FRP) bypass security vulnerability. When re-configuring the mobile phone using the factory reset protection (FRP) function, an attacker can login the configuration flow by some secret code and can perform some operations to update the Google account. As a result, the FRP function is bypassed.