2017-12-26 05:29:13 2018-03-01 03:29:00

A vulnerability has been identified in RUGGEDCOM ROS for RSL910 devices (All versions < ROS V5.0.1), RUGGEDCOM ROS for all other devices (All versions < ROS V4.3.4), SCALANCE XB-200/XC-200/XP-200/XR300-WG (All versions between V3.0 (including) and V3.0.2 (excluding)), SCALANCE XR-500/XM-400 (All versions between V6.1 (including) and V6.1.1 (excluding)). After initial configuration, the Ruggedcom Discovery Protocol (RCDP) is still able to writeto the device under certain conditions, potentially allowing users located in the adjacentnetwork of the targeted device to perform unauthorized administrative actions.