2012-12-12 12:38:44 2012-12-12 06:00:00

Multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities in Layton Helpbox 4.4.0 allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands via the (1) reqclass parameter to editrequestenduser.asp; the (2) sys_request_id parameter to editrequestuser.asp; the (3) sys_request_id parameter to enduseractions.asp; the (4) sys_request_id or (5) confirm parameter to enduserreopenrequeststatus.asp; the (6) searchsql, (7) back, or (8) status parameter to enduserrequests.asp; the (9) sys_userpwd parameter to validateenduserlogin.asp; the (10) sys_userpwd parameter to validateuserlogin.asp; the (11) sql parameter to editenduseruser.asp; the (12) sql parameter to manageenduserrequestclasses.asp; the (13) sql parameter to resetpwdenduser.asp; the (14) sql parameter to disableloginenduser.asp; the (15) sql parameter to deleteenduseruser.asp; the (16) sql parameter to manageendusers.asp; or the (17) site parameter to statsrequestagereport.asp.