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Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and earlier, and Internet Explorer 9 beta, does not properly restrict cross-zone drag-and-drop actions, which allows user-assisted remote attackers to read cookie files via vectors involving an IFRAME element with a SRC attribute containing a file: URL, as demonstrated by a Facebook game, related to a "cookiejacking" issue.












HTC Shift 4G Software 2.76.651.6 HTC Vivid HTC Vivid Software 3.26.502.56 HTC Android Thunderbolt 4G FRG83D HTC Vivid Software 3.26.502 HtmlCleaner 1.6 HTC EVO 4G HtmlCleaner 2.5 HTC Android EVO 4G GRI40 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 0.7 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 1.05 HTC EVO 4G Software 4.53.651.1 HTC EVO 4G Software 3.30.651.3 HTC Shift 4G Software 1.17.651.1 HTC Shift 4G HTC Shift 4G Software 2.77.651.3 HTC Shift 4G Software 2.75.651.5 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 1.06 HtmlCleaner 1.4 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 1.07 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 1.01 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 1.11 HTC Hero HTC Shift 4G Software 2.75.651.4 HTC EVO 4G Software 4.67.651.3 HTC Android Droid Incredible FRF91 HTC EVO 3D HtmlCleaner 2.6 HTC EVO View 4G Software 1.22.651.1 HTC EVO View 4G Software 1.22.651.2 HTC Hero Software 1.56.651.2 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 0.9 HTC EVO View 4G HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 0.2 HTC EVO View 4G Software 2.23.651.1 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 1.00 HTC Hero Software 2.27.651.5 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 0.8 HTC Android Sensation 4G GRI40 HTC EVO 4G Software 4.22.651.2 HTC EVO 4G Design 2.12.651.8 HTC Hero Software 2.31.651.7 HTC EVO 4G Software 3.70.651.1 HTC EVO 4G Design 1.19.651.0 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 0.4 HtmlCleaner 0.9 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 1.10 HTC EVO 3D Software 1.11.651.3 HTC Android EVO 3D GRI40 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 1.08 HTC Android Glacier FRG83 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 0.03 HTC Android Droid Incredible HTC EVO 3D Software 2.08.651.2 Microsoft Ie 9 Beta (not an official CPE) HtmlCleaner 1.3 HtmlCleaner 0.8 HTC Hero Software 2.32.651.2 HTC EVO 4G Design 2.12.651.5 HtmlCleaner 1.0 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 0.01 HTC EVO 4G Software 4.24.651.1 HTC EVO Design 4G HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 0.6 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 1.03 HtmlCleaner 1.1 HtmlCleaner 2.2 HtmlCleaner 1.55 HtmlCleaner 1.12 HtmlCleaner 2.4 HTC EVO 4G Software 1.47.651.1 HtmlCleaner 1.2 HTC Hero Software 1.29.651.1 HTC EVO 4G Software 3.26.651.6 HTC EVO 4G Design 1.19.651.1 HTC EVO 4G Software 4.54.651.1 HTC Hero Software 2.27.651.6 HTC Android Sensation Z710e GRI40 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 1.02 HtmlCleaner 2.1 HtmlCleaner 2.0 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 1.14 HtmlCleaner 2.2.1 HTC EVO 3D Software 2.17.651.5 HTC EVO 3D Software 2.08.651.3 HTC EVO 4G Software 3.30.651.2 HtmlCleaner 1.0.5 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 0.5 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 1.12 HTC EVO 4G Software 3.29.651.5 HTC EVO 3D Software 1.13.651.7 HtmlCleaner 1.5 HTC EVO 4G Software 1.32.651.1 HTC Merge HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 1.04 HtmlCleaner 1.13 HTTP-Body Project HTTP-Body 1.09

Improper Input Validation (ID 20)

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